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How would you like to be your own ISP?

With a DSL line and a dynamic IP?

This Wireless Media Center can do all that and more.
It combines an 802.11g AP Router, various Servers and a Set Top Box (STB) in one single unit.
It has a large space of Hard Disks to receive MPEG-4 streams or files from the Internet (WAN) or Intranet (LAN), store video programs or live video from local or remote cameras in MPEG-4 format, then playback on a TV Set or LCD Screen. But more than everything can store your Web Sites and show them on the Pubblic Internet with a simple dynamic IP.

In summary, it provides the following functions and services :

  - Web Server
  - File Server
  - EMail Server
  - Printer Server
  - VoIP Server
  - DNS / DHCP Server
  - VPN Server
  - Stateful Firewall and NAT
  - SQL based Album for images, MP3 files and Video clips
  - MPEG4/2 Set Top Box to play Video, Audio and to display Images
  - Audio / Video Streaming Server
  - Digital Video Recorder (Option)
  - WiFi 802.11g Access Point (AP)

Media Applications
- All-in-One Server Center for Home and SOHO
- Total solution for Intranet/Internet VoIP and Instant Messaging
- Communication Center provided in customer's portal pages, supporting Address Book synchronization, EMail, VoIP, Instant Messaging
- NAS (Network Access Storage), USB device sharing for SOHO - Photo / MP3 / Vieo Album
- Streaming Server (Audio / Video) for playback in local or remote TV Sets, Set Top Boxes, PCs and PDAs
At Home
Your living room is your gateway to the Internet. The Media Center will take the Internet and the whole world of Multi Media to your Screen.
Users enjoy best entertainment and the entire information and communication spectrum of latest technology from the comfort of their living room.
Examples include the ability for a viewer to provide instant feedback relating to a news or entertainment program;
to go directly from a broadcast commercial to a website that provides discount coupons and purchase an advertised product; and to simultaneously watch a movie and browse a slide presentation for supplemental information relating to the program.
It delivers clear, High-Quality Video-On-Demand, rich Internet browsing and immerse gaming to any TV Set, Plasma Screen or Monitor.
Experience them in conjunction with Broadcast, Cable or Satellite TV programming, even HDTV.
Available with Linux, the Media Center integrates into most environments.
Use the built-in browser for unlimited access to content like Hollywood movies, Online Games and the most advanced Websites.
The Media Center's open expansion options allow you to upgrade and customize it as applications, networks, devices and Media delivery strategies evolve.
The Media Center is unobtrusive, silent and attractive - ideal where space is limited or noise is an issue.
It ships with a CD R/W plus built-in WiFi and Ethernet, perfect for :
- Stand-alone operation (Video displays),
- delivering on-demand content from a Video Server, or
- both (store-and-forward content)
Access Control :
- Authentication : by MAC Id, Username/Password and by RADIUS client
- Authorization : Internet, Intranet, Both, Private Disk (all time-based)
- Accounting : by time period and time hour budget, RADIUS
- Parental control (weekly time table, content filter)
- Intranet/Internet access control by MAC Id, WLAN MAC Id, Username and Time
Access Point 802.11x :
- WiFi 802.11g and 802.11b
- 64 / 128 bit WEP encryption
- Wireless association control : ssid broadcast disable, MAC Id check
Networking :
- Supports various broadband ISP connections (dynamic and fixed IPs)
- Supports analog modem dial-up connections
- Integrates xDSL/Cable modem with USB connection (Option)
- Supports up to 253 wireless and wired client stations
- DHCP client/server, plug and play
- Stateless and stateful packet filtering and forwarding
- IP sharing with Virtual Servers
- DNS Proxy
- Dynamic DNS
Management :
- Web based
- Easy and free software updates / upgrades
- DHCP log
- Hacker log
- Wireless Station log
- Driver location link
- SOHO / Family Page
- Personal Portal Page
IP Set Top Box :
- Supports 2 video streams of MPEG-4/2
- Video playback
- Audio playback
- Photo / Image display
- Video on Demand (VoD)
- Media on Demand
- Web Access
- Picture-in-Picture Display
- Picture-out-Picture (POP)
- Video out to TV, LCD Screen, Projector, HDTV
- Control with IR Remote Control
- Control with PDA
- embedded Linux
- Video for Linux
- PHP or Perl for scripting
- Micro-Windows, Nano X
- Browser : HTML, HTTP, XHTML, XML, CSS, JavaScript, TLS, SSL, Unicode,
GIF, JPEG, PNG, most popular Plug-in's
- Streamer : for video demux, grabbing
- Video stream mix and scaling
- Player : for playback of streamed and/or stored media files
- Protocol Servers : HTTP server, SIP Server, RTP/RTCP, FTP Server, RTSP Server, POP3/SMTP Server, Samba, IPP, IPSec - Protocol Clients : Browser, FTP Client, RTSP Client, SIP/UA
- Media NAT / Firewall
- User Interface in Web
CPU : x86 600MHz above or MIPS + Video processor
Memory : DDR 64MB, SDRAM 64MB, NOR Flash 4MB, NAND Flash 64MB
WAN : 1 * 10/100M (auto sensing)
LAN : 4 * 10/100M (auto polarity, auto sensing)
WLAN : 802.11g AP mode
HDD : Hard Disk Drive ATA/33 80GB
USB : 2.0 host x3, Printer, NAND Flash, Camera, Removable HDD
Video in : Composite Video (RCA)
Video out : Composite Video (RCA), VGA (LCD Monitor), S-Video (Mini-DIN)
Audio in : Stereo (RCA)
Audio out : Stereo (RCA), 5+1 channels
TV RF in : Cable, Satellite, Terrestrial TV
LED's : Power, HDTV, SDTV, CIF, PAL, NTSC, COMP, VGA, CD, Link/Activity, WAN, LAN 1/2/3/4, WLAN, HDD
Housing : DVD form factor
Power : 90-240V AC input, 5V/12V DC output
IR Remote control (separated)

In the Enterprise

- Video-on-demand (VOD)
- Interactive Presentations,
- Corporate Broadcasting,
- Digital surveillance,
- Web browsing,
- Electronic Program Guides (EPG),
- Video Conferencing,
- Various applications for picture-in-picture or multiple image displays

As a Hot Spot

This Media Center can be used in Hotels, Hospitals, Schools, Apartment complexes, Homes, Boardrooms and other locations.
It not only delivers rich Digital Media, but can be used as a Wireless Control Center for a 'Smart' mobile office.
The Media Center is compact, robust, an open computing platform, easily customized for virtually any dedicated application.
It delivers solutions that take full advantage of present technology and can be expanded easily with hardware and software
  add-on's    to follow the Media and Entertainment industry, wherever it goes.
The Media Center does it all, with outstanding display quality, flexibility, scalability, connectivity, speed, power and reliability.


Web Server :

- Easy DIY Web pages (No HTML, No extra tools, No learning required)
- Personal Portal pages
- Upload of Web pages
- Message Board
- Web Cam

File Server :

- Personal private disk space for file storage
- Network Access Storage (NAS) to share internal, external and networked storage
- File and play list synchronization with PC, PDA and Set Top Box
- Scheduled Media file copy
- Address Book and Address Book synchronization

Album / Jukebox :

- MP3 / Photo / Video
- Tag Management and Tag playback
- Playlist synchronization
- Scheduled remote play
- Media File Tags edited and managed by a Database (SQL)

PVR (Personal Video Recorder) :

- Receives Digital or analog TV (Cable/Satellite/Terrestrial) to HD in digital MPEG-4 format
- Stores Digital Visual (MPEG-2, MPEG-4, DVD, Digital TV, JPEG, GIF) to HD
- Supports time-shift Recording and Playback
- Supports Pause, Record, Play, Forward, Backward, Fast-forward, Fast-backward

EMail Server :

- Web based, no need for extra client software to read and send mails
- Read mail list instantly
- Advertised mail filter out

Printer Server :

- Wireless Printer sharing
- Supports all brands of PC printers
- Supports Internet Printing Protocol (IPP)
- Remote printing acroos Subnet or Internet

VoIP Server :

- SIP Proxy (RFC3261)
- Registrar for VoIP
- Instant Messaging
- Buddy list with SIP extension (Message, Subscribe, Notify)
- Internet VoIP call

DNS/DHCP Server :

- DNS Proxy for Intranet PC outbound traffic
- DHCP dynamically assign IP or reserve IP to client

VPN Server :

- IPSec and L2TP server
- Supports Gateway-to-Gateway (GW2GW) and Client-to-Client VPN

Streaming Server :

- Supports MPEG-4 streams of video/audio program playback on local and remote TV Sets, STBs, PCs, PDAs
- HTTP, RTSP protocols
- Supports up to 4 MPEG-4 VoD streams at the same time,
providing Search, Pause, Record, Play, Forward, Backward, Fast-forward, Fast-backward, Channel play

NAT / Firewall :

- Rule based packet forwarding
- Rule based packet filtering
- Stateful and Stateless
- VPN (IPSec, PPTP) pass through
- H.323 VoIP pass through
- SIP VoIP pass through

System Specifications Video This box is a Media Center USB, WiFi and Ethernet networking ports
- Video files : AVI, VCD, MJPEG, MP4, MPEG ( storings and playback)
- Video Decoder : MPEG-4, MPEG-2, DivX, XviD, JPEG, M-JPeg
( MPEG-4 including Advanced Simple Profile, Level 5 )
- Stream protocol : ISMA (RTSP streaming an MP4 file)
- Picture in Picture display
- OSD display (independent of video)


- Audio files : MP3, WAV, CD ( storings and playback)
- Audio Decoder : MPEG4-AAC, AC3, MP3, G.711, GSM
- Stereo or 5+1 channels

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