VoIP: the complete solution
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The complete solution for WiFi IP mobile telephony.

Wireless and VoIP

What is a Wireless VoIP Phone?

A Wonderful way to talk to the World for free. All the rest is just technology.

What is the complete solution for WiFi IP mobile telephony?

It is a new way of mobile communication for:

- Metropolitan areas, Mobile calls in a WLan
- Hospitals, Warehouses, Retail Stores,
- Car dealers, Universities, Hotels, Resorts,
- all other enterprises, institutions, organizations
It opens the door to IP mobile Telephony.
It can combine an older system with new IP mobile Telephony functionality. The new way of IP mobile Telephony is much cheaper
than GSM and helps you to cut costs.

- Free calls among handsets.
- Free calls to any VoIP phone
- Cheap national/international calls

System features

High coverage range : up to 15 kilometers
Expandable up to 90 handsets per Base station
Can integrate :
- Voice over IP (VoIP) Gateway (H323 / SIP)
- Voice over IP (VoIP) Server (H323 / SIP)
- existing analog/digital PBX

We can provide high quality call termination at very competitive prices.

The total budget is volume dependent.

Cost of Access Point+ VoIP SIP,H323 (Base Station):    from $ 1400

Cost of External Antenna (Optional):    from $ 100

Cost of Handset (volume dependent) :    from $ 150

Cost of VoIP Gateway ( H323, SIP):    from $ 300

Why our System...

In many organisations the staff need to move around to perform their jobs: to meetings, to work in the laboratory, to eat, and so on.

A survey in our own engineering organisation showed that when we had a fixed-only telephone system, 80% of all incoming calls did not reach a person on the first attempt, and had to be re-routed to voice-mail, or to someone else.

Based on this, our system provides a phone to everyone (in addition to a fixed feature-phone to frequent telephone users), and this runs with great success 70% of calls succeeding first time Organisations that do not provide mobility may be at a disadvantage to those who do.

Voice-mail is not always a satisfactory alternative to a live person, and the heavy use of personal cellular phones can be extremely costly to the employer to say nothing of being potentially hazardous to the user!

Handset features

Caller ID with call waiting
Call Transfer to handset or group
Call Forwarding to handset or group
Call Hold / Mute / Resume
Redial last dialed numbers
Phone book (sorted, search, dial from display etc.)
Call logs in handset (dialed, received, missed)
Text messaging between handsets and groups
3-way conference calling
Voice Mail
Two-way radio (no group chatter or push-to-talk)
Group call
and many others.

World on IP offers :

The complete solution for a Wireless Metropolitan Web, including wireless VoIP, e-commerce, e-learning, Broadband High Speed Internet.
All our hardware is high quality, as well as the services we provide.

Our solution includes:

1) Gatekeeper with integrated billing system

2) Gateway

3) Proxy Server ( for resolution of Dynamic IP)

This is how we see the future...
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