Communications on IP


IP communications is a comprehensive system of powerful enterprise-class solutions which include:

IP Telephony—provides the full array of telephony services users expect in a business communications solution.
It bridges IP communications protocols with the existing time-division multiplexing (TDM) network.
It enables you to use either the TDM public network or managed IP networks to connect locations.

• Unified Messaging—delivers powerful messaging tools (e-mail, voice, and fax messages sent to one inbox) and intelligent voice messaging over a single integrated system

• Rich Media Collaboration—bringing video and high-quality audio together to make conferencing as productive and natural as face-to-face meetings.

• IP Customer Contact (IPCC) solutions—delivers intelligent contact routing, integrated interactive voice response, and multimedia contact management to contact center agents over an IP network.

Enabled by an intelligent wired or wireless network, communication now extends to wherever your employees are.
Deployed as a comprehensive system, IP communications is more than dial-tone replacement.
The benefit is a dramatic improvement in operational efficiencies, organizational productivity, and customer satisfaction. With the deployment of IP communications you create a collaborative workforce, increase competitive advantage, and deliver measurable ROI.

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