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World on IP

If you are an entrepreneur interested in starting a Wireless business, you've come in the right place.
World on Ip can offer you the complete solution for a Wireless Metropolitan Lan:

1) High Speed Broadband Internet

2) Wireless VoIP

3) Streaming and multicasting of any kind of Audio and Video.

Our Wireless VoIP mobile telephone system is integrated in our WML and can be used in the ray of minimum 5 Km., also by people who do not enjoy or want a DSL line of any kind. The wireless phones are connected to the base station and can communicate either among them or through VoIp to the rest of the World.

Wireless Metropolitan Lan

Base Station    US$ 20.000-30.000
Customer's premises    US$ 400
Tranceiving Antenna    US$ 100

Wireless Phone System

Base Station VoIP    US$ 1000
Tranceiving Antenna    US$ 100
Customer's phone    US$ 200

Open Source IP phone

High range Access Point    US$ 500
IP phone    US$ 200

All these are rough prices, they can change depending on model and quantity.
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