VoIP: the complete solution
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VoIP: a personal view
Wireless and VoIP
Give to the people the choice among desktop phones and mobile phones and the majority will choose what they think more convenient, in spite of the cost of the service.
In a way the cost of the service is the only left advantage in favour of the fixed telephony. If the price was the same the desktop phones would disappear from the life of the average consumer (mass market consumer).
To see how freedom of choice could create such results, consider a hypothetical population of a thousand people, each picking their favorite way of telecommunication. One way to model such a system is simply to assume that each person has an equal chance of liking each kind of telephony.
This distribution would be basically flat - most kind of telephony would have the same number of people listing it as a favorite. In this model, neither the quality of the voice, the availability, the design of the device nor other people's choices have any effect; there are no shared tastes, no preferred genres, no effects from marketing or recommendations from friends.
This is the mass market of VoIP as dreamed and forecasted by most hardware producers. People would choose VoIP in spite of the fact that the systems are not intercommunicating, the available phones are just desktop phones, most of the population doesn't have a "Flat rate DSL" and some do not even have a decent connection, (just one " UP to...) and just because VoIP means cutting cost. They have a few wrong assumptions:

1) Most of the people want to save calling internationally
2) Most of the people will use a cheap Flat rate connection
3) Most of the people know how to handle a computer or a network, and so solve all the eventual problems that could arise.

But they do not consider that:

1) Most people call locally and just a few once in a while internationally.
2) Most of the people do not have a cheap flat rate Internet
3) Most of the people are not IT experts.

Besides people's choices do affect one another. If we assume that any kind of telephony chosen by one user is more likely, by even a fractional amount, to be chosen by another user, the results change dramatically. If Robert ( our average mass market consumer) likes to have a phone in his pocket, available mostly anywhere, it is very likely that Mary would like the same.
Is VoIp ready for the " Mass Market"?
The answer could be No and Yes.
What would VoIP offer more than the existing several choices?

1) Price. Telephone calls would be completely free of charge among two IP phones ( and that believe me is a GREEEEAT THING when you try it)
2) The never enough considered satisfaction to be able to ref..ck who f..cked us for many years...

What would VoIP telephony need to be #1?

1) A reliable PORTABLE Phone that doesn't need millions of Hot Spot's to work.
2) A reliable, cheap flat rate internet connection anywhere for everybody.
If ONE could put these patterns together, THEN VoIP would really have the chance
to be #1.

What the Market Wants

Wireless and VoIP are the two "performers" of the moment. We have two new concepts regarding Internet and Telephony.
What nobody ever says is that 85% of the calls and a big percentage (I have no numbers for it) of Internet enquires are local. So, we thought, why wasting costly international bandwidth and crowding the Internet with local searches?
We found an answer to it:
1) Wireless Metropolitan Internet 2) Wireless VoIP mobile phones
Our wireless phones reach a coverage of up to 5 Km. in the metropolitan area with the unlicensed frequency of 2.4 GHz, the power 100mW, and from 18 to 27 dB depending on local rules, against the GSM system 900 MHz, 4 Watt, 188o dB... This is how we see the future...

How good is our Quality of voice?

You say "Dog" in Europe and it "bytes" ( mistake done on purpose) somebody in China or USA.

What is our philosophy?

Building on ideas to make better ideas, looking at things in a new way, taking advantage of the unexpected.

What is calling for free?

Calling for free reveals a whole different universe of information processing.
Calling for free is a power which directly influences the soul.

What is an IP Phone?

A wonderful way to talk to everybody, everywhere and whenever you want. All the rest is just technology

What I like about virtual reality...

What I like about virtual reality is the notion that computers could provide a way for people to share their imagination with each other in a new way. We are completely free as long as we retreat in our heads, into our dreams, into our imagination.
What I like about VoIp is that I can share my virtual reality without the hassle of cost and minutes...
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