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Wireless Metropolitan Lan

What is a Wireless IP Local Loop System ?

WML is a high capacity point to multipoint wireless wide area networking system VoIP service that utilizes IP technology, with an operating range in excess of up to 20 km line of sight (LOS).
It carries voice, video & data services on a single platform over the metropolitan area.

It supports Quality of Service (QoS) and Bandwidth on Demand (BoD).

It features an IP based air interface and industry standard interfaces.
It is modular in design and interworks easily with existing IP LAN and WAN technologies.

Its modular design and many integrated features ensure that the entry cost is low and the incremental costs are kept low, whilst at the same time allowing the system to scale to support thousands of remote sites from a single base station.

WML allows the construction of high capacity broadband wireless access (BWA) networks taking IP services to remote users.
WMLis cheaper, faster to deploy, more flexible and more scalable than competing fibre or copper based solutions and competing vendors' BWA offerings.

Advantages for VoIP :

Guaranteed bandwidth per user (configureable up to 4Mbps)

Same speed in both directions (Uplink / Downlink)

Packet prioritazion for all Voice packets

Guaranteed quality of voice among all users within the Metropolitan Network


There are a number of versions of WML, built from the same modules and which offer the same functional features:

2.4GHz version - designed for public and enterprise networks alike,
2.6GHz version designed for the North American MMDS band
3.4-3.8GHz version - designed to work within the licensed radio bands and as such would only be deployed by licence holders in that band, typically Service Providers who would sell on services.

When to use WML ?

If the requirement is:

Broadband IP network for multiple sites and/or
High-speed data-centric services and/or
Multiple services data, VoIP, video and/or
Quick deployment, short timescales to deploy and/or
High bandwidth (higher than available on copper) and/or
Rural access

Or there is:

No existing fibre, with none in prospect and/or
No existing DSL, with none in prospect and/or
Cost sensitivity, (per user wireline connection charge) and/or
Cost sensitivity, (per user wireline rental charge) and/or
Large/shifting user population/location

Preferred Applications

1) High-speed data

WML customers can enjoy the benefits of highspeed, 'always-on' data access thanks to having burst rates of up to 4 Mbit/s - 80 times faster than the fastest dial-up PSTN modem. WML uses available sector bandwidth intelligently: Bandwidth is assigned only when there is a data packet to transmit. With WML, it is possible to take advantage of statistical gain over the air interface and oversubscribe the available bandwidth without degrading the delivered performance.

2) High-speed Internet access
One of the advantages of WML is that users are 'always on': there is no need to dial-up the service provider first, making it easier and more fun to access the Internet. Users need only open their web browser or e-mail program to be instantly connected. WML can also distinguish between applications and users, enabling the operator to provide different classes of service to users.

Wireless hardware 3) VoIP

WML provides a solution for voice as well as data. Standard telephone instruments are connected to a Integrated Access Device (IAD) which in turn communicates over WML with a Media Gateway (MG) connected to a Class 5 switch. Thanks to its open architecture, WML is able to interwork with a number of third party IAD and MG products on the market today, supporting a range of protocols (H.323, MGCP and SIP), as well as a range of voice coding standards (G.711, G.723, G.729).

Wireless voIP Multimedia over IP

The fact that WML can provide up to 4 Mbit/s of throughput to the user, together with its ability to set different priorities to different applications and provide QoS, make it a good solution for enabling services such as video-over-IP and good quality videoconferencing. The system can prioritize video packets in such a way that delays and jitter are minimized and the video packets pass smoothly through the system.

Metropolitan and Private Networks

WML can be used in Metropolitan networks, campus networks and enterprise networks. In this application, WML is used to construct a private network, which allows high-speed data, voice and multimedia services amongst its users, as well as being connected to the public network over an industry-standard interface such as 10/100BaseT Ethernet. Thanks to its advanced software features WML can be used in creating secure, virtual private networks (VPNs) between the different locations of an enterprise.

Ip Telephony
How much is a WML System ?
Depending on the size of the Metropolitan area to cover, the cost's range
between US$ 20.000 and US$ 30'000 as an average.
Thank's to this affordable basic cost's and the huge savings on phone calls (VoIP), the ROI (Return of Investment) factor is a quite high one.

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