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Distance Interactive Teaching

"Our view of the possible is shaped by our tools."
The electronic environments of communication usher us dynamically into a new globalised communicative environment, into an area of exchange and living together. The computer, compared with other means of educational technology, has an advantage as it combines all the characteristics of audiovisual means with unlimited possibilities of interaction. Many claim that we find ourselves in the first stages of the third and greatest revolution, after the rural and the industrial one; a technological revolution that comes to give extension no longer to our muscular system but to our mind. The new technologies provide our students with learning incentives for our students, mainly through their multimedia and interaction potential, but e-Learning courses can meet learning objectives only when they have a high degree of usability.

Wireless e-learning

Virtual schools can be situated everywhere.

We have solutions also for developing countries like Africa.
See our project for Africa:
A Project for Africa

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