World On IP Community
You never get a second chance to make a first discovery..
In 1849 Meucci, an Italian immigrant and engineer had developed a method of using electric shocks to treat illness which had become quite popular in Havana. One day, while preparing to administer a treatment to a friend, Meucci heard an exclamation of the friend, who was in the next room, over the piece of copper wire running between them. The inventor realized immediately that he held in his hand something much more important than any other discovery he had ever made, and he spent the next ten years bringing the principle to a practical stage. The following ten years were to be spent perfecting the original device and trying to promote its commercialization. Most Americans believe the inventor of the telephone was Mr. Bell. The only truth in the whole story is that he tried in every way to steal the invention, corrupting judges and people from the Patent office. Only lately justice was partially done, but still not completely. One hundred and fifty four years later a European team ( one ITALIAN, one GERMAN, one SWISS) thought of a new way to use VOIP, compressing the voice and making it possible to talk with a perfect crystal clear voice, avoiding all delays and echoes.
It was the Italian ( the Esotherics of you will think it is the "Nemesis") who thought that one of the best applications of VOIP was the possibility to use a portable IP phone. The main problem was to have enough "Hot Spots" where to connect to the NET. There came the idea of "Sharing the Bandwidth" and creating a " World community over IP". VOIP became WOIP.
Can you see the point now?
Our goal is to be able to build the Community ( nothing could be easier, it already exists, there are millions of people who everyday use their bandwidth for illegal purposes.) Now they have the chance to share it ( a telephone call with our devices, considering the compression of the voice, consumes 20 k, which is NOTHING.) for a 100% legal purpose. The required equipment will be kept at the possible lowest price ( we want the idea to be succesful). The value highly overcomes the cost! You will be able to call for free with a portable IP phone, WHEREVER YOU ARE. You can do: LOCAL, INTERNATIONAL, INTERCONTINENTAL calls FOR FREE for the rest of your life. You can call AS LONG AS YOU LIKE ALL OVER THE WORLD, just sharing your DSL line!

If you do not see the point, I just can't help you,
Who is born square, will not die round
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