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  This is our latest solution not to emulate a script already in the market. The areas of application range from simple answering machine functionality with telephone query up to the professional voice mail menus with features such as multilingual support, support for distribution lists, fax features and info box.

 Introduction    With this software you can:
• Leave and listen to voice messages
• Administration of personal voicemail settings via an internet browser
• Create up to 9 personal announcements
• Rewind and forward by 6 seconds to listen
• Forward messages as voicemail
• Secure telephone access via PIN

There are multiple access options:

Call or info box mode (Guest Mode)
This is the normal mode for every employee in the company.

Listening mode (access to mail box for owner)
Control Mode is primarily for listening to new voice messages. However, the voice mailbox is also configured in Control Mode. The mailbox can also be configured using WebAdmin, which provides access to the configuration options via a graphical interface. This interface can only be accessed by Internet browsers. It facilitates the configuration of the mailbox significantly as a graphical interface and is generally easier to use than a series of menus read sequentially. Different access modes for listening to messages were created to increase the user comfort. In addition, menus are read out in abbreviated (concise) form and, if no reaction is detected on the part of the user, the longer form is read out. This saves time for experienced users and yet provides good guidance for novices.

The following listening modes are available:

Callback Access
This listening mode is similar to “Direct Access”. In this mode, the owner of the voice box is identified via the ANI (outbound number e.g., own extension) and innovaphone mrs only requests the PIN. New messages, if any, are read out immediately. This is a faster method for listening to messages. This method is often used in normal office environments.

Direct Access
This listening mode (Control Mode) offers the full function scope. The voice box user has to authenticate herself/himself by entering an extension number and a PIN. She / He can then choose from the options listed. The listener is then in the main menu. This access mode together with calling one’s own mailbox + pressing * are the normal methods for listening to messages when not calling the office from external telephone systems (e.g. phone box or hotel).

Express Access
This is the simplest and fastest way of listening to one’s messages. The owner of the voice box can define (also possible for the other listening modes) up to three trusted numbers (via the voice menu or WebAdmin). When the user calls from one of these phones (e.g., car phone or cell phone), all the unread messages are read out immediately (the sort sequence can also be defined). The system does not prompt the caller for a box number or PIN. The telephone, however, must transmit its own phone number (also known as ‘Caller ID’).

The administration is based on HTTP compatible with any web browser. The menu bar helps for orientation and various clear explanations makes the configuration easy and understandable.

Special Features

Internal/external answering machine
System message before personal/standard greeting
Standard greeting
Standard greeting with own name
Personal greeting, 9 numbers of greetings
Different internal/external greeting
Info box (greeting without possibility of leaving a message)

Message retrieval - Functions:
Message handling
Repeat message
Delete message
Label message as confidential
Attach message with additional voice message
Answer a message
Record message and send to recipient group
Recipient group
Forward messages, internal voicemail
Label message as read
Forward message with voice comment at beginning

Change personal greetings
Change personal names
Change telephone PIN
Define minimum PIN length
Define PIN input attempts
Set default PIN value for all users for the first login
Change PIN after first login with default PIN
Access without PIN via trusted numbers
Define up to 3 trusted numbers
Own extension as trusted number

Sort messages by LIFO
Sort messages by FIFO
Sort messages by urgency, urgent ones first
Filter by message age (day basis)

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   IP Adapter
   IP Phones
   Wireless Mobile Phone System
   IP - PBX
   PBX Operator
   Voice Mail
   UMS - Unified Messaging
   Outlook/Lotus Integration
   Data Base Integration
   Integration into Applications
   Call Accounting / Billing

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