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  WOIP VoIP - Unified Messaging (UMS)

  WOIP UMS merges all kinds of messages ( Emails, Faxes, short messages and voice mails ) into one user interface.

 Introduction    Voice
WOIP-UMS supports the Service Voice. Therewith, you can make use of UMS as voice box directly at the workstation, you can deposit your individual announcement and listen to the incoming voice mails by phone at the workstation or by mobile phone from on the way.

Mobile Interactive
WOIP-UMS feature Mobile provides access to your messages via WAP mobile phone, browser, mobile phone, WiFi mobile phone or telephone via DTMF. Using a mobile phone or telephone providing DMTF, you can contact your own messaging system even if you’re not in the office. You can listen to your voice messages or forward, answer and delete messages. You can also create and send new messages.

The system is entirely H.323 compatible and supports secure fax transmission via T.38 protocol.

WOIP-UMS supports the Short Messaging Service (SMS). Therewith, you can send short messages client/server-based to mobile participants directly from the workstation. Depending on the technical equipment, you can also receive short messages on your workstation. With WOIP UMS and the SMS service, you can send short messages to the PSTN (e.g. ISDN) as well as to the mobile network (e.g. GSM). The WOIP-UMS Server SMS service can be used as a pure SMS-Server or as part of an entire unified messaging system with WOIP-UMS which integrates Fax, Voice, SMS and Mobile services into a messaging system.

   Gateways / Gatekeeper
   IP Adapter
   IP Phones
   Wireless Mobile Phone System
   IP - PBX
   PBX Operator
   Voice Mail
   UMS - Unified Messaging
   Outlook/Lotus Integration
   Data Base Integration
   Integration into Applications
   Call Accounting / Billing

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