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  The PBX Operator is a computer-assisted operator console for our IP-PBX. The PBX Operator can access calls on hold at the PBX and switch calls within a group. In addition, it can monitor the current status of each subscriber by means of the integrated busy field.

 Introduction    Ergonomically Designed Windows Application
The PBX Operator is a software component of our IP-PBX. It is a Windows.NET application running on Windows 2000, Windows 2003 and Windows XP operating systems. The software is extremely easy to handle and ergonomic. It can be operated either by mouse click or entirely from the keyboard.

Main window segments
The PBX Operator's main window is divided into four main segments:
      the queue list,
      a call setup assistance,
      the list of active connections and
      the busy display terminal.

Waiting queue
The queue list (lower left) displays all calls currently connected to the queue. The latest call is added to the bottom of the list, a call that has been processed is taken out of the list's top, so that all other, still pending calls are moved up. If the operator is active, meaning that there are calls in the "Active" segment, all new calls are signalled in the "Waiting" segment. As soon as the activities in the "Active" segment are completed, the next call in "Waiting" moves up to "Active".

Call Setup Assistance
Call setup assistance (middle left) offers several different options of call setup support. All buttons can be activated via the keyboard. By moving the mouse pointer across the button, the operator activates a display of the function and the corresponding key.

Active connections
The list of connections (upper left) displays all active incoming and outgoing calls to and from the operator's phone. Several different buttons allow the operator to process these connections as required.

Busy display terminal
The busy display terminal (right) is an accumulated list of all active, visible subscribers to the PBX. Subscribers to be displayed in the BLF field must be active members of a group within the PBX system. Depending on the configuration, each subscriber's status may be signalled through her or his entry's color or type face.

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