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  Our new PBX system is a modern, IP based PBX. It does not only provide all the features of a standard PBX, but new and innovative functionalities which are only possible through the convergence of Voice and Data.

 Introduction    WOIP-PBX  
   Gateways / Gatekeeper
   IP Adapter
   IP Phones
   Wireless Mobile Phone System
Any H.323-compatible IP phones can be used as a terminal equipment, as well as H.323 IP-Adapters. The WOIP terminal equipment obviously fits all those requirements and prove to be the optimal solution.

Location Concept
Several of our PBXs can be connected using the Internet Protocol (IP) and administrated on a centralised basis. It is possible to have a centralised numbering plan on the central PBX as well as local numbering plans. The locations are reachable via a prefix. All of our PBX systems are fully functional even if the IP connection between the locations should fail.

Redundancy Concept
A sophisticated redundancy concept ensures a maximum of availability. As long as a second Gateway is installed in the Network this can be configured as a standby PBX. While operating, all data will be held up to date automatically. In the unlikely event of the failure of the master PBX the second system automatically takes over.

The WOIP PBX supports encrypted authentication for every user, using the H.323 security standard H.235. The configuration applet is secured through encrypted passwords. Voice data, transmitted over the public internet, can be secured by setting up a secure VPN tunnel.

Software interfaces,TAPI, VoIP-CAPI and XML SOAP-API
For the integration of 3rd party software the WOIP PBX offers several interfaces. The Telephone API (TAPI) of Microsoft has been established as software interface for PBXs. The VoIP-CAPI corresponds with the ISDN Interface and enables a high variety of applications to interoperate with the WOIP PBX. With the XML-based SOAP-API applications can use the WOIP PBX specific features and functionalities. Obviously applications can interact with the PBX using H.323 or query the Call Detail Record (CDR) information.

Additional Applications
for the WOIP PBX the following applications are available:
- PC based Operator Console
- a voice mail solution
- a unified message package (UMS)
- a billing software solution
   IP - PBX
   PBX Operator
   Voice Mail
   UMS - Unified Messaging
   Outlook/Lotus Integration
   Data Base Integration
   Integration into Applications
   Call Accounting / Billing

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