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  A user friendly billing solution for our IP-PBX. It consists of three modules – call accounting, a report generator and a management tool. The call accounting module compiles the call data from a single telephone system or a network of systems, and stores the information in a database. The Report function provides professional evaluations of all the data. The separate Manager tool sets up the entire configuration allowing various access levels.

 Introduction    The individual reports are very detailed, yet simply structured. A report tree is located on the left of the graphical user interface. This tree always appears with a drill-down function, which means all the information is available to you at a glance. If you need more details on a particular extension, group or organisational unit, all you need to do is click the mouse and the information is there. Not only are there detailed reports which users can configure as they require, but the information can also be displayed graphically. This has many advantages – reports are no longer so time consuming and the information is easier to read and analyse.

Custom features
Nearly all features are implemented in such a way that you can choose whether to use them or not. You configure your user interface however you want to – with various colours, buttons, fields, fonts and views. If you prefer to work with a custom keyboard assignment, that’s no problem either. What this means for you is that you are no longer distracted by functions which you do not use, thus enabling you to work more quickly and efficiently. You can resize the windows and have as many windows open as you need, thanks to the MDI (Multi-Document Interface).

The accounting system is flexible, easy to install and very user-friendly. It also includes an effective security solution known as Call Fraud. In the past, telephone hackers have caused major financial damage to many companies. The Recorder module has a built-in warning system which can be configured as required. The main function of the warning system is to detect whether the system is being hacked into, and to send a warning if this happens. You can save your company millions by detecting any telephone fraud immediately. The Private Provider feature helps your cost management control costs by billing them according to time.

How can you check whether you are storing the call information you need as efficiently as possible and displaying it as effectively as you can? With a large number of simple settings, the system checks whether you are saving all the incoming data without overloading your system. The basic report settings are more or less set for you by default. You only have to configure how you want your report to look and what you want it to contain, and as soon as you have decided, the report is there for you as if by magic. Find out for yourself what it can do for your company’s call billing.

Call charge reporting in HTML
Our software can forward call charge reports directly to HTML servers. The HTML format is designed so that an HTML server (e.g. MS IIS) only needs to provide a link to the first page of a call charge report. Our software is then responsible for the links within the rest of the report. Using the scheduler function, for example, a daily update on all call charge data can be posted on the Intranet. The design of the report can be as sophisticated as the screen output. The HTML documents are static and therefore present no risk as regards security.

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