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  Our Software interfaces allow the developers to integrate VoIP functionality directly into all of their applications. Their customers are just a mouseclick or keystroke away from establishing a call with any selected phone number out of their applications. And our IP-PBX will automatically choose the best connection ( fastest and cheapest ).

 Introduction    With our SoftPhone, your PC can be used as a flexible telephone terminal operating under our IP PBX system. Like our entire product range, this Windows application is completely H.323 compatible.

The software runs reliably under the operating systems Windows 98, SE, ME, NT 4, XP, 2000 and 2003. Both a modern soundcard and a USB terminal device such as a USB sound board or USB telephone may be used as voice terminals. Volumes for the telephone and the other sound devices may be adjusted individually.

Versatile Functionality
The SoftPhone makes all common telephony functions available. Besides hold, two-way splitting and forwarding, additional functions include muting and automatic redial. All performance features have been implemented according to the H.450 standard. With its software interfaces XML and TAPI, our PBX offers additional options to use the SoftPhone in cooperation with other applications such as the PC-based operator desk.

Telephone Book and Journal
The SoftPhone contains its own telephone book. The telephone number, H.323 name or IP address of the called station may all serve as entries to be dialed. The telephone book can be displayed in a SoftPhone window. Double-clicking on an entry initiates dialing. In a further window, the application can display a communications log. With the communications log, users can control all communication transactions, or redial previously dialed or received connections. Telephone numbers from the log may easily be included in the telephone book.

Turn Your PDA into a Mobile Phone
With the SoftPhone, PDAs with Windows operating system and a Wireless LAN connection are turned into Voice-over WLAN terminals offering absolute mobility. A small headset used as voice terminal perhaps even via Bluetooth makes mobile telephony both comfortable and convenient, guaranteeing high speech quality.

Easy to Handle
The design of the graphical interface is largely identical to that of our popular IP Desktop Phone, displaying all relevant information clearly and at one glance. With a toolbar, all actions may be carried out quickly, and the current display can be altered. Practiced users will find the additional operation option via the keyboard to be the fastest.

USB Telephone
Our USB telephone is a voice terminal especially tailored to being used with the SoftPhone software. It provides an extra numerical keyboard with the added features automatic redial and disconnection. The R-key, too, shows convincing functionality, making the USB phone extremely easy to operate. The device is equipped with its own bell signal, the volume of which may be adjusted independent from the soundcard. Power is supplied via the USB connection, so that the device does not require an additional power source.

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