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Why Professional VoIP and What for ?

 Introduction    Telephony changes

Information technology and telecommunication approach each other

Despite modern electronic communication features, telephony is nevertheless one of the most important mediums in the daily office communication. Especially for employees who have contact to the outside world, e.g. customer advisers, sales people or employees in the fields of marketing and PR, the telephone is as important as the PC equipped with E-mail features.

The traditional workstation of an employee consists of a telephone and a PC. The telephone is connected to the PBX via cabling, the PC is connected to the server via LAN. Modern communication features such as E-mail, Fax, Voice can be used at the PC. Added-feature telephones and PBXs offer features such as alternation, connecting, conference call and voice box. Not only the messaging services but also the real-time service telephony can be used at the PC.

CTI-solutions offer computer-aided call management. CTI stands for Computer Telephony Integration: The user can control the telephone at his PC. He does not need a feature-added telephone, features such as alternation, conference call, dialling directly out of the EMail program or databases, caller identification are put at the user's disposal at his PC. Effective, customer-oriented and efficient working becomes true without deploying lavish feature-added telephones.

Using Voice over IP, Fax over IP, UMS Unified Messaging.
   Gateways / Gatekeeper
   IP Adapter
   IP Phones
   WiFi Mobile Phone System
   IP - PBX
   PBX Operator
   Voice Mail
   UMS - Unified Messaging
   Outlook/Lotus Integration
   Data Base Integration
   Integration into Applications
   Call Accounting / Billing

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