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  This IP phone is a user-friendly telephone designed for the use in offices. It is the ideal system telephone component for our IP PBX. The ergonomically designed device offers intuitive operation for a great number of added features. This soon gains it favorite status with all those who use the telephone widely.

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High-Speed Ethernet Connection
The telephone is connected to the data net via an Ethernet port designed to reach transmission speeds of up to 100 Mbps. An internal Ethernet switch is available as a second Ethernet port, which may be used to connect additional devices such as a PC to the network. If the phone is connected to the PC's network port, it does not require further connections to the network's hub or switch. The Ethernet port also serves as the telephone's power supply the device works with the 802.3af standard for Power over LAN. The telephone automatically recognizes the two predefined modes of power supply and uses them accordingly. A power-supply plug may be used as an alternative to Power over LAN.

Performance Features Based on H.323
The transmission protocol used by this phone is standard H.323 without proprietary extensions. The telephone is thus compatible with all telephone systems based on standard H.323. The telephony performance features are implemented according to standard H.450 and the safety features accord to standard H.235. The bandwidth required can be tailored to the available network through a variety of speech compressions.

Perfect for Home Offices
This phone is perfectly suited for home offices. It can be connected directly to a DSL modem. Its implemented PPoE protocol enables it to sign on to the Internet provider. As soon as it is logged on, the phone creates a VPN connection with the company's network, and signs on at the company's telephone system via the established tunnel.

Access to 3 Address Books
With thi phone, remembering telephone numbers becomes a problem of the past. The telephone can access three different address books: first, an internal telephone list with private numbers, only available at this particular telephone, second, a telephone book listing every subscriber of the system, and third, an external address book which is accessible via LDAP protocol. The alphanumerical keys are used to enter a subscriber's name. With each new letter of the name, the selection options are specified more closely, until the correct name has been found. Now all you need to do is pick up the phone and the connection will be established forget memorizing telephone numbers! requiring two shelf units.

Programmable Function Keys
Six function keys allow the user to further optimize her/his work procedures. Each key supports up to four different definitions, which will be shown in the corresponding display line. A selection of 23 available key functions guarantees truly customized configuration possibilities. The functions range from activating call diversion or bell signal muting to voice announcements or a partner key with busy lamp field for secretarial functions.
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