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  This recent IP telephone provides features for effective work with high comfort. The large 5 lines display enables many services handled by multi language dialogs. An internal phone book, call lists of previous connections and 4 speed dial buttons can be used to accelerate the call establishing. Together with supplementary services for hold, retrieve and transfer, as well as the free speech function, this IP phone provides best conditions for the office desk.

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   WiFi Mobile Phone System Modern hardware
The WOIP xxx device is an IP phone based on newest technology. The Ethernet connection can also be used for power supply, based on IEEE 802.3af standard. The integrated 2-port switch makes it possible to insert the phone in the existing PC network connection. With the large display and multiple languages menu it is easy to use also very sophisticated functions.

High quality connection
A very effective technology will be used by this device to guarantee the highest quality speech connections. The voice codec G.729A reduces the bandwidth on the net without impact in voice quality. The protocols for Quality of Services (QoS) ensure the transport of voice packets with highest priority. Additional protocols echo cancellation and dynamic jitter buffering support the high speech quality.

Enblock dialling / free speech
Connected with our IP PBX, the WOIP xxx supports enblock dialling as well as overlapped sending. The number can be chosen in on hook mode and dialled with the speaker button. The two volume buttons are fine-tuning the volume of the connection. With pickup the handset the connection is going to the normal mode and hanging on with pressed speaker button goes back the modus free speech mode.
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