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  The USB IP Phone is a VoIP device, which can be used in combination with our PBX or other H.323 compatible systems. It is designed as a first step to go into CTI solutions as well as a full CTI device.

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   Gateways / Gatekeeper
   IP Adapter
   IP Phones
   WiFi Mobile Phone System Usability
The USB IP phone is an absolutely easy to use telephone! Its look and functions fully come up to expectations. Even the R button for call transfer, call hold and call forward meets common practices.

Telephone functionality
This device is a USB phone, which is connected to the PC: a complete VoIP telephone and a solution which perfectly fits into operator or CTI software scenarios. The phones plug & play installation works with Windows 98, Windows 2000 and higher. No separate power supply is necessary.

SoftwarePhone, the USB phone's software component
H.323 is the signalling standard the USB phone bases on. This enables the device to communicate with other standard based VoIP devices such as Gateways, Gatekeepers etc. The user interface on the PC is intentionally kept simple. Thus, this solution is very easy to use. The SoftwarePhone component can also be used with a PC soundcard, a headset or another USB sound system.
   IP - PBX
   PBX Operator
   Voice Mail
   UMS - Unified Messaging
   Outlook/Lotus Integration
   Data Base Integration
   Integration into Applications
   Call Accounting / Billing

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