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  WOIP provides terminal equipment for different solutions. The system phone IPP xxx is perfectly designed for our PBX and supports all special features. Using the phone on a PC, the SoftwarePhone is the best choice. It works with solutions like operator desk or call center software. Different devices can be used as handset or headset like the computer soundsystem or the USB phone IPP xx.

 Introduction    WOIP-IPP-1

The WOIP USB IP Phone is a VoIP device, which can be used in combination with our PBX or other H.323 compatible systems. It is designed as a first step to go into CTI solutions as well as a full CTI device.
   Gateways / Gatekeeper
   IP Adapter
   IP Phones WOIP-IPP-2
WOIP IP Phone xxx

This IP phone provides features for effective work with high comfort. The large 5 lines display enables many services handled by multi language dialogs. An internal phone book, call lists of previous connections and 4 speed dial buttons can be used to accelerate the call establishing. Together with supplementary services for hold, retrieve and transfer, as well as the free speech function, this IP phone provides best conditions for the office desk.
   Wireless Mobile Phone System
   IP - PBX
   PBX Operator WOIP-IPP-3

WOIP IP Phone xxx

The IP Phone IP xxx is a user-friendly telephone designed for the use in offices. It is the ideal system telephone component for our PBX. The ergonomically designed device offers intuitive operation for a great number of added features. This soon gains its favorite status with all those who use the telephone widely.
   Voice Mail
   UMS - Unified Messaging
   Outlook/Lotus Integration
   Data Base Integration
   Integration into Applications
   Call Accounting / Billing

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