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  The IP Adapter is a multifunctional device that integrates analogue devices such as fax machines and telephones into IP-based telephony infrastructures. Moreover, it offers special added features for door intercoms as well as music on hold. The adapter connects to the network via a 100 Mbps Ethernet interface, communicating with our PBX based on the H.323 protocol.

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   WiFi Mobile Phone System Technical Specifications

Ethernet:10/100-BASE-TX auto negotiation
LED display for activity and 100Mbit modus
2 x analoguetwo German TAE-N / -F connector
additional two international RJ-11
4+n terminal strip:for intercom system
AUX interface:3,5 mm jack stereo for an analogue audio source

Power Supply:mains adapter 230 V, 50 Hz, 17 VA, (optional 110 V)
Memory:8 MB DRAM, 2 MB Flash
Remote firmware update
Environment:Operation temperature 0C to +45C
Humidity 10% to 90% non-condensing
Storage temperature -10C to +70C
Housing:424 x 192 x 40 mm
Wall mounting prepared
Weight:980 g

DHCPdynamic host configuration protocol - IP interfaces settings
ICMPInternet control message protocol - for Ping tests
PPPoEPPP over Ethernet direct access to DSL modem
PPTPpoint-to-point tunneling protocol
to setup VPN tunnels to the corporate network
MPPEMicrosoft point-to-point encryption - encryption in PPTP
NATnetwork address translation
to translate public/private IP addresses
HTTPfor configuration using Web browser
SNMPsending traps to the management software

Voice over IP
Voice over IP:H.323 version 4 incl. H. 225, H.235, H.245
RAS Gatekeeper routed signaling, H.450
RTP real time protocol
RTCP real time control protocol
Fax over IP:T.38 real time fax
Suppl. Services:H.450.1
H.450.2 Call transfer
H.450.3 Call diversion
H.450.4 Call hold
H.450.5 Call Pick-up
H.450.6 Call waiting
H.450.8 Name identification
H.450.9 Call Completion busy (CCBS) and
Call Completion no Reply (CCNR)
RAS protocol:support for external gatekeeper
DTMF:H245 Alphanumeric or Signal Type
add. Features:H.245 fast connect
En-block dialing
Overlapped sending
Quality of Service:TOS und DiffServ
IEEE 802.1p / 802.1q
Voice Encoding:G.711 A-law / -law (64 kbps),
G.723.1 (5.3 and 6.3 kbps),
G.729A (16 kbps)
G.726 (32 kbps),
VAD (Voice Activity Detection),
CNG (Comfort Noise Generation),
Dynamic Jitter Buffering
Echo Compensation: G.168

Access:via HTML/Web-Browser
Password protected authentication
Troubleshooting:Logs and Traces
Status display of interfaces and connections
SNMP Traps sending
Update:Configuration recording/sending
Boot code and firmware update via HTML upload
Automatic update via Update-Server

Supplementary services
Call Transfer:with consultation call
Call Hold/Retrieve:with support of Music on Hold (MoH)
Call Waiting:inclusive signaling of second call information
CLI:Calling Line Identification with support of rerouted calls
CNI:Calling Name Identification / Name display
3 party conference:of internal and external subscriber
Pickup:pickup calls for subscriber in the same group
DTMF:DTMF tone generation and detection
Security:Password protected configuration
Volume setting:predefined for each device

Door intercom
No. of intercoms:2 different
No. of door openers:2 separate controlled

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