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  The IP Adapter is a multifunctional device that integrates analogue devices such as fax machines and telephones into IP-based telephony infrastructures. Moreover, it offers special added features for door intercoms as well as music on hold. The adapter connects to the network via a 100 Mbps Ethernet interface, communicating with our PBX based on the H.323 protocol.

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     Features for Analogue Telephones
In some scenarios, it is profitable to integrate analogue telephones into the IP network via the IP Adapter. A number of special telephone features (vandalism-proof phones, telephones for visually impaired users, etc.) are not yet covered by IP telephony. The basic functions call hold, call transfer, call forward and consultation are all based on the H.450 standard, so that the IP Adapter can carry out these functions in cooperation with any H.323 - compatible VoIP gateway and gatekeeper. If WiFi Mobile Phones are integrated, the call number may be transmitted through to the terminal. The IP Adapter even offers the option to fine-tune the volume directly on the handset.

Reliable Fax Transmission
The IP Adapter transmits faxes based on the T.38 protocol, thus guaranteeing failsafe transmission and consistent standard conformity. As it only transmits the actual payload information, the IP Adapter requires as little bandwidth as a regular, compressed IP telephone call. Bandwidth requirements range between 8 and 15 kbit, so the IP network is not burdened with large data masses. Analog devices can be connected by using either the TAE telecom plug common in Germany or the international RJ 11 plug.

Door Intercom with Door Opener
With the IP Adapter, you have access to your door intercom through the IP network. The intercom is connected to the IP Adapter via a 4+n terminal board. The IP Adapter operates two separate door openers, each with a separate doorbell signal station. While talking on the IP telephone with the remote station, you can open the respective door simply by pressing a predefined key.

Music on Hold (MoH)
The IP Adapter is also equipped with a standardized AUX interface (3.5 mm jack socket) which allows the integration of music on hold at the IP telephone system PBX. Tunes may be supplied by common CD players or other musical devices. Please bear in mind that charges may occur for using music commercially.
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