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  WOIP Gateway IPG xxxxD

  The IPG xxxxD is the double-density variant of WOIP's VoIP gateway IPG xxxx, particularly suited for projects requiring very high port density. With the IPG xxxxD, IP telephony on up to 60 channels simultaneously has become possible.
It is connected to the IP network via two 10/100- BASE-TX Ethernet interfaces. The IPG xxxxD can be configured and serviced either via Telnet or a web browser interface. The gateway handles telephone calls and forwards them accordingly. As well as this, it can handle authorisation and bandwidth management tasks.

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   WiFi Mobile Phone System High package density
The IPG xxxxD VoIP gateway supports up to 60 parallel connections. The box is designed for a 19" rack. Since it only takes up one height unit, an enormous port density is possible. Its scalability with other IP gateways allows large gateway systems to be set up.

Voice quality and user-friendliness
Powerful DSPs for voice compression and echo compensation mean that the voice quality is excellent - and only 9 kilobits of bandwidth are required per call. The IPG xxxxD can be preconfigured using flash memories so that it can be installed and set up at the customer's premises without any problems. This presents no disruption to the familiar telephone environment. Users need no additional expertise and will not notice any negative effects due to the fact that it is an IP telephone system.

WOIP's IP-PBX integrated
The IPG xxxxD is a suitable platform for the WOIP PBX gatekeeper software to operate on. Up to 1000 subscribers can be registered simultaneously on the PBX. The PBX software is enabled using a licence key in the web-based configuration user interface.
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