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  WOIP's IPG xxxx is a powerful and extremely robust VoIP gateway. It serves as a link between traditional telephony, connected via a PRI interface, and IP telephony. Systems with an IPG xxxx serving as the basis for WOIP's PBX can administer up to 1,000 extensions.

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   WiFi Mobile Phone System Optimized for Security and Stability
To minimize the risk of failures, the IPG xxxx has been designed with an emphasis on stability and sturdiness. Not only its stainless-steel casing, but also the omission of movable parts such as ventilators or hard disks guarantee the gateway's extreme stability. Optimization for security did also include the software components. Thus, the operating system has been redeveloped particularly for this application. It has been stripped of all unused components which might cause malfunctioning. After a restart, e.g. for maintenance work, the system will be fully operable within just 3 seconds.

Free Scalability
The IPG xxxx is available with 10, 20, or 30 speech channels. Smaller versions may be extended easily to up to 30 channels by adding individual modules. In the case that 30 channels do not cover the requirements, several IP xxxx's can be cascaded without problem. The box is designed to fit a 19" rack. It only requires one height unit, making a high port density possible. This port density may even be doubled by using the IP xxxxD (Double Density).

Platform for World On IP's PBX
The IPG xxxx can serve as a platform for WOIP's PBX software. Up to 1,000 subscribers may be registered simultaneously at an IP-PBX based on the IPG xxxx. Clearance for IP-PBX is carried out by entering a license code in the web-based configuration interface. An integrated network of several IPG xxxx's can administer even more than 10,000 extensions.

The remote-maintanance-module (optional)
The remote management module offers network administrators the ability to remotely manage IPG xxxx gateways and IP-PBXs across any IP network. A possible scenario: For added security, network managers can also use the internal ISDN interface to access the units via a PPP connection remotely. The external ISDN access also gives the added benefit of allowing access if there is a configuation issue which would normally prohibit access via the LAN.
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