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  The VoIP gateway IPG xxx is the latest, most modern gateway in the WOIP product portfolio. It serves as a link between traditional telephony and IP telephony, connecting them through up to 4 ISDN lines. Systems with an IPG xxx serving as the basis for WOIP's PBX can administer up to 200 extensions. The IPG xxx is also available with less ISDN ports.

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The gateway can be used with several different configurations. All 4 ISDN BRI interfaces may be switched to ISDN, thus providing 8 lines simultaneously. Two of these ISDN interfaces may be used for connections to the trunk lines of conventional telephone systems, or to cascade to redundant systems. The other two ISDN interfaces may then provide ISDN access to further devices. The IPG xxx's ISDN interfaces can be configured to hand on the ISDN connections even with the power supply shut down.

Scalable in Both Directions
The IPG xxx is scalable in both directions. Versions with one or two ISDN interfaces are available for small-scale solutions. These smaller versions may be extended easily and at any point by installing further licenses. In the case that the 8 channels provided by one box do not suffice, several IPG xxx's may be interconnected. The additional ISDN interfaces will then be administered centrally and used as if provided by just one device. Furthermore, the IPG xxx offers the option to increase its internal memory by installing a "Compact Flash" Type 1 memory card.

Two Ethernet Interfaces Guarantee Flexible Use
The IPG xxx has two separate Ethernet interfaces. They can be individually addressed and may take over routing functions between two networks. For network switches with a redundant security design, the second Ethernet interface may also be used for the connection with the second switch. The second interface may also be used as console port. If the second port is provided with a fixed IP address, a PC used for administration can be connected directly to this port.
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