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  All gateways of the WOIP product line are very stable and robust. That comes not only from the steel housing. Also the fact that no fan and no harddisk is used for the gateway makes this product stable. In addition, the software component is based on an operating system, which is especially developed for this functions.
As all WOIP products, also these Gateways/Gatekeeper are consistently compatible with the H.323 standard.

 Introduction    WOIP-GW-s

The VoIP gateway IPG xxx is the latest, most modern gateway in the WOIP product portfolio. It serves as a link between traditional telephony and IP telephony, connecting them through up to 4 ISDN lines. Systems with an IPG xxx serving as the basis for WOIP's PBX can administer up to 200 extensions. The IPG xxx is also available with less ISDN ports.
   Gateways / Gatekeeper
   IP Adapter
   IP Phones WOIP-GW-s

WOIP's IPG xxxx is a powerful and extremely robust VoIP gateway. It serves as a link between traditional telephony, connected via a PRI interface, and IP telephony. Systems with an IPG xxxx serving as the basis for WOIP's PBX can administer up to 1,000 extensions.
   Wireless Mobile Phone System
   IP - PBX
   PBX Operator WOIP-GW-s


The IPG xxxxD is the double-density variant of WOIP's VoIP gateway IPG xxxx, particularly suited for projects requiring very high port density. With the IPG xxxxD, IP telephony on up to 60 channels simultaneously has become possible.
   Voice Mail
   UMS - Unified Messaging
   Outlook/Lotus Integration
   Data Base Integration
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